Community Service

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Since our inception, Springtree Restoration has been committed to giving back to our community. Each year, we have completed one or more community service projects, some on our own and some in partnership with the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) or Rebuilding Together.

In the construction industry, it’s not only about the money. It’s about doing a job we can take pride in to help our neighbors in need. Our commitment to our community is a core value here at Springtree, and it’s a defining trait for us all.

Here are some of the community service projects we are honored to have been a part of:

No Roof Left Behind 2017

No Roof Left Behind was started in 2009 to help communities rally around local families in need. When our good neighbors fall on hard times, things like home repairs and roof replacements often fall to the wayside so that the family can pay for other essentials, like food and gasoline. No Roof Left Behind acts as a go-between to connect contractors with deserving homeowners who need their help.

In 2017, Springtree Restoration was selected to provide free renovations to a local family whose home was in serious need of repairs. We replaced the family’s roof and repainted their ramp, patio, and home exterior. It was a job well done, and we were humbled by the experience.

St. Philip’s Episcopal Church 2017

ER Systems, Energy Roofing Solutions and Springtree Restoration, all members of the North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA), joined forces to donate a new roof to St. Philip’s Episcopal Preschool in Frisco, just before hail assaulted the area. The school’s roof had already taken a beating from last year’s hailstorms, but that wasn’t the worst part: another company had cut out sections of the roof to provide samples as part of an insurance arbitration process and had not properly sealed it.

Springtree Restoration owner AJ Huckaby heard about the preschool’s need and wanted to help. His company donated labor to temporarily fix the problem areas, but it was evident that the entire building needed a new roof. Huckaby consulted with multiple manufacturers, and ER Systems assessed the roof and decided to donate the needed roofing materials. Energy Roofing Solutions also jumped into action by donating its services to install the new roof by mid-April.

Dry, safe and grateful, the preschool teachers and students presented handmade thank-you cards to the companies involved and honored the team with a luncheon.

Karen Vermaire Fox, NTRCA’s executive director, is full of gratitude for the companies as well.

“Community service is a major part of NTRCA’s mission,” she said, “and we are proud to have members like Springtree Restoration, ER Systems and Energy Roofing Solutions.”

Montgomery 2016 Golden Hammer

Springtree Restoration was referred to Mrs. Montgomery around 3 weeks after the April 2016 storms in Wylie, TX. When we arrived at the scheduled meeting, we found that her roof had between 50-75 large holes from softball-sized hail. Her home had been left open through multiple rainstorms over a 2-3 week period, causing over half of the home’s ceiling to collapse. She was still living in her home while this was going on!

We immediately waterproofed her roof with synthetic underlayment and began cleaning up the mess inside the house. Springtree set up dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers for 7 days to make sure all the moisture was removed from the interior of her home. During this time, we learned that she did not have property loss insurance, nor the money to make the necessary repairs as she was on a fixed income.

We began spreading the word and asking for donations to help restore Mrs. Montgomery’s home. NTRCA and its members responded quickly and raised $3,500.00 within a short time. Westend also stepped up and provided shingles and other materials.

With the donations from NTRCA, Kyle Davis, Westend and Springtree Restoration began restoring Mrs. Montgomery’s home. We replaced the entire roof deck, installed a new roofing system, replaced gutters and restored the interior of her home by replacing all the damaged drywall, texture and paint. We also removed and replaced her attic insulation.

During the first day of construction, Fox 4 News showed up and interviewed AJ Huckaby and Mrs. Montgomery. The segment brought an outpouring of support and donations from the community, helping Mrs. Montgomery and inspiring us to keep giving back!

Springtree Crew Is Here For You

The Springtree Restoration crew is ready to get started on your next project. AJ Huckaby works hard alongside his team as an owner and operator. He stands behind his contractors in their work and leads the way. Call us at (972) 332-4143 today for a free consultation. We can’t wait to be your go-to home restoration team.