Act of God: What Does It Mean for My Hail Repair?

In the insurance industry, an “act of God” is something that induces a claim through no fault of the homeowner or auto customer. As such, the fallout is usually minimal on the policyholder. After all, you couldn’t control that deer jumping into the path of your car any more than you could control the weather.
And when it comes to a weather-related act of God, few are harder to prepare for or control than hail damage. Other events fitting under this classification:

  • Damage done by trees and falling debris
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes

(And yes, definitely hail damage.)

So You’ve Got an Act of God: Now What?

Hail damages are common during the spring as temperatures increase and thunderstorms happen with greater frequency. When they hit, about all you can do is cross your fingers, wait for it to end, and assess the damages.
They can be disruptive and expensive to deal with. The good news is that, because it’s considered an act of God, your insurance will cover it. Here are the steps you should take following a hail event — or any other act of God for that matter — to make sure repairs happen in a timely manner, free from headaches.

  1. Assess the damages. This requires getting up on the roof to have a look. Springtree Restoration can provide this service for you if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.
  2. Once you know damages exist, contact your insurance agent. Take pictures or have the assessor of damages do so and send them to you.
  3. Give your insurance agent the information. The company likely will dispatch an adjustor to check the damages.
  4. Contact the roofing company of your choice, preferably one that has experience dealing with storm restoration, one who is licensed by RCAT (Roofing Contractors Association of Texas), one who is a member of NTRCA (North Texas Roofing Contractors Association), and one who carries general liability and workman’s compensation insurance.
  5. Set a day for the appointment with your selected roofing contractor.

When it comes to the actual construction, you’ll want a company that can work skillfully and efficiently. At Springtree, we pride ourselves on fast, reliable service to limit disruption to the business or homeowner’s life.
We also make sure the work site is clean and presentation-worthy at the end of each day.
We’re are licensed through the only licensing option in the state of Texas (a voluntary licensing program through RCAT) and cover the Greater Dallas metropolitan area, including North Dallas, Plano, Allen, Frisco, Sherman, Gainesville, Denton, McKinney, Highland Park, and Preston Hollow, to name a few.
Contact us today if you have need of a roof repair or roof replacement. We’ll work with you through the process of restoring your home, answer any questions you have and treat you and your home the way we would want to be treated.