Tips for Making Your Whole Home Winter-Ready

Every time the seasons change and the temperatures drop again, it’s time for an indoor and outdoor overhaul. Every house needs some TLC, and what better time than before the freezing outdoor temperatures of December-February to get your home ready for action? Here’s how to make your home ready for the new season and keep cozy when you’re indoors – even if the weather outside is frightful.

Product Feature: Burris Windows and Patio Doors

What do you look for when you choose materials? Patio doors and windows are some of the most visible features inside and outside the home, giving the interior both character and style. Some are efficient, while others are more difficult to maintain, such as wooden windows. The best kind of material for windows and doors is vinyl, and Burris windows offer the best quality vinyl we know of.

Wood vs Vinyl Windows: Which Should You Choose?

Wooden windows have a rustic charm and timeless appeal that have made them a popular choice through the centuries. In fact, up until about 25 years ago, wooden windows accounted for half of all window sales in the nation. Then vinyl came along with its easy-to-clean surface and low maintenance requirements. Now wood windows make up just 1/5th of all window sales.

The Benefits of Having New Windows Installed

Well-maintained windows keep our homes safe and comfortable, but they don’t last forever. If your windows are outdated, broken, ill-fitting in their frames, or simply not performing as well as you’d like, call Springtree Restoration today! We install windows throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and we always make sure they are high-quality and properly sealed to keep out the summer’s heat.