Finding a Local Quality Roofing Company

The regular maintenance and repairs of your home can be costly and stressful, but one of the most important repairs that a homeowner may face is repairing or replacing the roof. The roof is an important structure of your home that provides protection from the elements, adds value to your investment, and enhances the curb appeal of a home. A homeowner faced with damages or roofing issues should carefully research local roofers in the area, and focus on criteria such as experience and pricing. Springtree Restoration prides itself in treating their customers with quality care and redefining restoration.

Generally, if a repair company has informed you that you need roof  repairs, the assumption is usually correct. A contractor that provides customer testimonials, or provides websites with business reviews and ratings, is also a good place to start. A previous customer’s review of their experience, or contractors referred by friends or family, is another avenue to explore.

An initial selection of 2-3 potential companies is preferable to come to your home for a physical inspection of your roof. The contractor should perform a thorough assessment and provide detailed information on the problem, repair steps, and costs. The contractor should inspect the attic, the outside of the house, and any connected structures, such as a garage or rooftop. A homeowner should never rely on an estimate over the phone due to the nature and scope of a roofing repair, and it is impossible to assess damage without viewing the roof. Springtree Restoration offers free on-site assessments by their qualified staff.

After a physical inspection, the estimate should include the price of labor and materials, otherwise the costs may be significantly higher than expected, which can cause confusion and miscommunication between the homeowner and the company. It is important for the homeowner to feel that they are educated about the existing situation of their roof, and are clear about what is required to restore the safety of their home. Springtree Restoration’s experienced and helpful staff provides their customers with knowledge, individualized customer service, and they guarantee their work at the highest quality standards.

Another important aspect of selecting a contractor is determining if they provide a warranty for their repairs. A warranty provides you protection for unexpected repairs on the investment of your new roof. A roof lasts 25-30 years and homeowners should be aware of what their warranty includes before they are faced with repairs in the future. Springtree Restoration is ready to help you face all your roofing needs, both today and tomorrow.

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