A big question this time of year is “How do I prep my roof to prevent a fire from a misguided firework?”

Whether you are doing a HUGE Fireworks Lightshow, Texas style, or just shooting fireworks in your backyard, you know things can go south pretty quickly. One thing that you can do to safely prepare your house is to take a look at your roof.

Debris on your roof and gutters full of needles, leaves and pine cones all make great fuel for fires. And After all the recent hail damage and storms, if your roof happens to sport a blue tarp, that also makes it susceptible to fireworks-started fires! Roofs should be checked every year or two anyway to ensure the its longevity. So, maybe this is a good time for you to take a look at your roof, gutters, and fascia. And to be on the safe side clearing all loose debris is always a good idea. If it’s not smart for you to be up on the roof top — even if you have done it in the past — contact us to look at your roof (972) 332-4143.

We hope you all have a SAFE and FUN Independence Day! Just take a few precautions before this Monday to ensure your home is safe from any fireworks that may come in contact with your property!