There are hundreds and hundreds of companies that produce windows right now in the market. However, not all brands are equal. We want you to get to know one of our favorite window brands we use at Springtree for our window installations, Burris Windows. Now, let’s get to the introduction.


Supporting our local Texas businesses in one of favorite things we do at Springtree and Burris Windows is no exception. They have built a foundation in Carrollton, Texas and specialize in both commercial and residential windows and doors. Burris have been manufacturing quality vinyl windows and doors for more than 30 years and in over 85,000 projects. The company believes that “your windows are more than building materials or pieces of architecture. In fact, windows and doors add to the life and vitality of your home.” Nicely said Burris, we couldn’t agree more. Burris Windows pride themselves on providing the highest quality hand-crafted windows on the market, made from superior materials.


The “clear difference” as Burris Windows likes to say is explicit and has sparked the attention of many homeowners nationwide. Not only are their windows of the highest quality, their customer service is just as exceptional. As window enthusiastic, their staff continually display expert knowledge to aid customers in their home renovation journey. Being customer-focused, Burris Windows strives to make sure customers are satisfied at the end of the day. This goes a long way especially for customers who don’t know what they are looking for. Due to their high quality products and customer service, homebuilders and homeowners regularly trust and continue to invest into their goods.

The Products

All Burris Windows come with industry standard features and are built with the highest quality parts. These parts are sourced from the most trusted providers and partners in the business.  Burris offers three types of windows to choose from for your convenience. Yes, options to choose from. We got excited too!

Customers have the option to choose from the TectView AC, TectView EX, and TectView CA.  More in-depth information regarding the specific features of these windows is listed on their website. You can get a better understanding when comparing and contrasting the three products. One may stand out more than the other. You’ll figure that out quick.

Final Thoughts

At Springtree, we are confident every time we install a Burris Window. We know the quality is incomparable to anything else right now on the market. If you have additional questions about installing Burris Windows, give us a call at Springtree and we would be more than happy to give you insight