Roofing companies can come and go, so when your business is on the line, be sure you ask the right questions to ensure your roofing repair or replacement is done right the first time, by experienced commercial roofing experts who are willing to offer a warranty and back-up their work. This way you will to be able to conduct business as usual with the as surety that your commercial roofing company will be there when it really matters.

First questions should include appropriate licensing and insurance coverages are in place. The proper licensing indicates the company will offer quality service and intends to be in business for some time to come. The proper insurance protects not only your property, but their own people, taking additional liability concerns off your shoulders.

Second, ask about the warranty they offer. If they don’t offer anything, your repairs or fixes to mistakes created initially can be quite costly and time consuming. Not something a busy, business owner needs to worry about.

Be sure to address both the warranty on the materials, as well as the labor itself. This covers all aspects of the roofing repair or replacement so you can be assured you roof will be solid and dependable.

Third area of focus is cost. It isn’t necessary to overpay for quality workmanship and materials. Make sure the quotes includes all service components, such as trip charges, related supplies, labor, sales tax, and any miscellaneous charges that may be incurred. This helps to alleviate any surprises when the job is complete.

Lastly, be sure you have a clear understanding on time involved for the job to be completed. The more quickly and efficiently your commercial roofing needs are addressed, the less impact to your business overall.

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