“No, keep your hands off of that window.” You just got brand new windows installed and they are GLOWING. Unfortunately with rain, wind, dust, and kids… that shine disappears quickly.  Good news though! Keeping new windows looking new is quite easy. All it takes is a little effort and some good cleaning supplies. So, let’s dive in deeper to see how we can keep your windows looking brand spanking new. Ready?

The Breakdown – Window Parts

Hardware – This part of your window ensures that the opening and closing is easy and smooth. The mechanical aspect of maintaining your window is just as crucial as the appearance. If not, more important. There’s no window without movements. Because dirt likes to build here, we recommend vacuuming the sills and lubricating moving parts regularly to help maintain that glamour.

Panes – The panes of your window are the filter that keeps the inside and outside balanced. This is the part that often comes to mind first when thinking of cleaning your windows. However, it can be the most frustrating part to clean for it’s quite easy to leave streaks behind. A few key tips; do not wash the glass in direct sunlight, use a mixture of mild dish soap and water, and clean screens first. This will help make the process a tad bit easier.

Frames – The frames help keeps the structure firm and intact. Your frame wants some attention too, even though they are often left out of the equation. The same solution used for the glass of the pane can be used for the frame. Using a dry cloth is absolutely mandatory. This will help clean without leaving streaks behind. Also, pay close to minor cracks within the frame. Hardware and weather stripping occurs often, leading to dirt buildup.

Cleaning Supplies

The cleaner that you choose makes a difference. We shouldn’t be the first to tell you that some cleaners are much more effective than others. Although it is common to reach for the cheapest cleaning supplies you can find, choosing a product of a higher quality will go a long way. A lot of times a higher quality product will produce a lasting shine, be streak-free, and have a wonderful scent. This process may be a trial and error so, try out different products to see which one works the best. Enjoy your clean windows!