Installation of a Commercial Roof

Installing a roof on a commercial building depends on multiple factors. Professional roofers always give project durations for commercial roofing assignments. The job at hand is either a new installation or repairs. The complete replacement of present roofs is required after damage by strong winds or rain. Sometimes the roof replacement is factored in because the existing one is old- fashioned. Such a circumstance means the artisans will bring down the roof before fixing a new one. The duration it takes to complete a roofing task will also hinge on whether the customer wants a flat roof or slanted one.

Determining the duration of time to install a house cover is dependent on the roof size. If the roof is slanted, more time may be required as opposed to work being done on flat surfaces. This is because loading materials on slanted surfaces require extra effort and caution. The house owner needs to ask the roofing company how many workers will be committed to the project. The higher the amount of workers, the faster a job will be completed.

Materials used in roof installation will have a bearing on project duration. Many contractors opine that installing a metal roof is quicker especially when the parts are pre-cut. Therefore, the job site only involves arranging the metal pieces and fixing screws. However when a metal roof is being fixed over a shingle roof, the process might take longer. Metal roofs consist of many types. In all instances, a standing seam metal is fixed sooner than metal shingle roofs.

In installing shingle roofs, there is need to tear off the base structure. Metal roofs do not undergo this process. This means that contractors can do shingle roofs in a shorter period. Classic shingle roofs can be done in a day. Shingles require loading up the ladder and popping of lines. Then occurs the laying process and nailing along with the construction of ridge vents. Valleys are laid and finally, artisans can cut off the ends. Clearly, this is not the same as fixing metal sheets.

A reputable commercial roofer may do 1,500 square feet of roofing daily. This completion rate can be used to calculate how long it could take to install a commercial roof. With roofs built using plywood, the job is completed at the average speed of 2,000 square feet daily. Some roofing contractors can finish 4,000 square feet per day. These time spans are also inclusive of the days taken to prepare for the roofing task.

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