St. Philip’s Episcopal Church

 Our owner, AJ Huckaby, was deeply touched when he received a letter from St. Philip’s Episcopal Church telling him about the sad state of the roof there. It had been severely damaged by hailstorms in 2016, and another roofing company hadn’t properly sealed it. With more hailstorms in the forecast, and the safety of preschool students and teachers at stake, Huckaby knew we had to move quickly.

With help from ER Systems and Energy Roofing Solutions, Springtree got a new roof put on the church before further damages could occur. The teachers and students were so grateful that they presented all the donor companies with handmade thank-you cards and a luncheon.

It warmed our hearts to know that the classes would continue, and the kids and teachers could carry on without having to worry about the roof over their heads.


Montgomery 2016 Golden Hammer

 Wylie, TX was battered by storms in April of 2016. About three weeks later, a Wylie resident’s situation was brought to our attention. Soft-ball sized hail had punched dozens of holes in Mrs. Montgomery’s roof, and the ensuing weeks of rain caused most of her roof to collapse. Unable to afford the necessary repairs, this poor lady was still living in her home with the collapsed roof and water damage all around her.

Springtree went to her house immediately to set up dehumidifiers, air movers, and air scrubbers for 7 days to dry up the moisture and prevent mold and mildew from forming. We sealed and waterproofed her roof as well. When we learned that Mrs. Montgomery was on a fixed income and could not afford repairs, we quickly raised $3,500 and received a donation of shingles and materials from Westend.

We replaced the entire roof deck, installed a new roofing system, replaced gutters and restored the interior of her home by replacing all the damaged drywall, texture and paint. We also removed and replaced her attic insulation.

Fox 4 News picked up the story, and the community blessed Mrs. Montgomery with an outpouring of love and even more donations. This inspired us to continue in our mission to help others.


No Roof Left Behind 2017

 No Roof Left Behind connects contractors with homeowners in need of help. In 2017, Springtree Restoration was selected to repair and renovate a local family’s home. The house was in serious need of repairs. We replaced the family’s roof and repainted their accessibility ramp, patio, and home exterior. This was truly a humbling experience, and we were grateful to be a part of it.


Repairing Homes and Lives

 If you know someone who needs home repairs at a reasonable price, or if you are that person, please don’t hesitate to call Springtree Restoration today. We want to do right by our neighbors, and we will do everything we possibly can to improve the situation.