Composite Roofing

Composite is one of the most popular roofing options as well as the most environmentally friendly, since it’s made primarily of recycled materials. It is also very cost-effective. Composite is resistant to both sun damage and to moss and algae growth. Its popularity is due in part to how long it’s been around, giving homes with composite roofs a traditional look. Composite has also changed and improved over the years with contemporary composite now lasting longer than older versions with a lifespan of 30-50 years. Composite roofing also comes in a variety of colors and shapes to complement the color and style of your home.

Problems with composite roofing can range from very minor to significant. Localized leaks are often relatively simple to fix, especially if the roof is otherwise in good shape. One of the most common problems with all roof types is improperly installed flashing. Composite roofing, like other roofing, can also deteriorate with age and exposure to extreme weather conditions, as well as being affected by harsh cleaning methods that strip the granules and make the roof more susceptible to problems.

Springtree Restoration’s knowledgeable, experienced crew can handle all of your roofing repair and replacement needs, including repairs to composite roofing. Rest assured that whatever the problem, the helpful staff at Springtree will do a full evaluation and educate you as to the extent of the damage. We will go over your options for roof  replacement and give you our recommendations about the best way to address your roofing problems.

Should your roof need repairs, we will perform the work in a timely manner and of course we guarantee the quality of both our materials and our workmanship. All of our roofing staff have extensive training and experience to ensure that your repairs are done to the highest quality standards. In fact, we use the highest industry standards, so we are able to accurately inspect and assess a roofing system, document the issues and make recommendations based on the data.

We also pride ourselves on going the extra mile with customer care. We understand that many contractors treat you as just another job, but at Springtree we know that each customer is different and we go out of our way to make sure you are treated like an individual. We are proud of the many happy customer testimonials we have received, and would be pleased to give you local references on request.

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