Safe Roofing in Cook, Collin, & Dallas Counties during the COVID-19 Era


These are difficult times with the presence of a disease that is apparently so easily spread. We understand you probably don’t want, much less need, salespeople, knocking on your door. So, in order to allow you to still get your roof repaired, we have developed a non-contact process from introduction to finished job while still providing you with complete information and answering any questions you may have throughout the process.

  • The initial step, of course, would be for you to simply agree that we provide you with our complete house check-up (exterior only, of course). We would then survey your home from top to bottom to assess any storm-related damage on: 
    • Full roof inspection
    • Gutters
    • Fascia & Soffits
    • Siding
    • All painted or stained areas
    • Personal property & special attention areas
  • This process will include taking any necessary measurements and photo documentation of any damages with this information provided in the Springtree Health Report for your home.
  • Via an app called ZOOM, we can go over this report in detail with a virtual visit through your computer, tablet, or smartphone. This would allow you to ask any questions.
  • Once an agreement has been reached and signed electronically, we then communicate with you to provide the details of the process as well as keep you updated throughout the process, from the delivery of the products to be installed through the final clean-up.

You, the customer, will never have to have any direct contact with anyone. (There will be a need for one of our personnel to get into your attic to inspect for anything might affect the safety or prevent unnecessary damages. For example, ducts or pipes too close to the roof such that a nail could damage it. Code requires that the nails protrude through the base layer.)

Know Who is on Your Roof!

Were you aware that the state of Texas does not require a contractor to be licensed? What does this mean? Especially after a storm hits and people are in the most need to get their homes repaired, there are those who will approach you to pressure you into getting your job quickly through them. Many of them may have even come from a different state because they know people need and want repairs done as quickly as possible to make their home safe again.

 Do yourself, and your family, a gigantic favor. Do NOT let anyone on your roof without going through this “pecking order” with them:

  1. Are they licensed in the State of Texas? If not, then they may not repair to code, which could make your warranties worthless.
  2. Are they insured? Their mistakes or injuries while on your property could cost end up costing you.
  3. How many years have they been in business? Most (~80%) start-up contractors don’t make it past 2-3 years in business.
  4. What companies’ products do they use and at what level have they achieved within those companies? Just as with anything, there are products that are less expensive and, of course, offer less quality. Springtree Restoration, for example, has achieved Master Elite Level with GAF, the leader in the industry, and Select ShingleMaster with Certainteed. 

What are the warranties they provide from both the roofer and from the companies whose product they utilize? Due to the elite status Springtree Restoration has with its vendors, we can offer you maximized protection for both our workmanship as well as for the products we use. A future blog will explain just how much money this could save you in the future.

Springtree Restoration’s Focus is on the Customer!

You should not have to deal with high pressure or rude salespeople. We promise you the most professional experience you can get from any roofing or restoration company. Everyone on our team abides by the Ten Commandments of Good Business:


  1. Is the most important person in any business…
  2. Is Not Dependent On Us – We Are Dependent On Them
  3. Is Not An Interruption Of Our Work— They Are The Purpose For It
  4. Does Us A Favor When They Call— We Are Not Doing Them A Favor By Serving Them
  5. Is Part Of Our Business—not An Outsider
  6. Is Not A Cold Statistic—they Are A Flesh And Blood Human Being With Feelings And Emotions Like Our Own
  7. Is Not Someone With Whom To Argue Or Match Wits 
  8. Is A Person Who Brings Us Their Needs— It Is Our Job To Fill Those Needs
  9. Is Deserving Of The Most Courteous & Attentive Treatment We Can Give Them
  10. Is The Lifeline Of This And Every Other Business

So, be safe during this difficult time, make sure that you have properly vetted who is on your roof, and don’t put up with unprofessional, pushy, or rude salespeople! Call SPRINGTREE RESTORATION offers free inspections for residential renovations and storm damage restoration. Give us a call at (972) 934-4461 or visit our website to learn more about our products and services. We keep North Texas homes safe and ready for all types of weather, all year long.

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