Solar Energy Services

Solar energy is a great way to save on those high energy bills. At Springtree Restoration, we are proud to partner with GAF Energy and their Solar shingles.

Solar Shingles are made of slim photovoltaic sheets which replace the existing shingles on the roof. They absorb sunlight, thereby converting it into electricity.

We partner with GAF Energy, with an experience of 135 years, to provide quality solar panel installation at affordable costs along with the strongest warranty.

Some of the reasons to consider GAF Solar Shingles are:


Solar shingles have a sleek and modern look that blends into your roof profile. No more bulky panels to stand out.


Solar shingles attach directly to the roof deck and can withstand winds up to 130 mph with a 25 year warranty.

Cost Effective

Solar shingles are less expensive than traditional solar panel systems and can save you money over time.


Installation is fast and easy because it is part of the roofing process. Your system will be saving you money before you know it.

Green Energy and so much more

Not only is converting to solar energy good for the environment, but also helps to reduce the amount of energy being pulled from the grid. With population growth continuing to increase, taking advantage of renewable energy options is a great choice.

Our Energy Assessment

Our restoration consultants are trained to look for all of your energy needs on our assessment of your home. We provide you with a professional inspection, photo report, and estimate for your personalized solar system. Solar is just one part of your energy efficiency system:

Some of the things we look at:

Get In Touch Today

If you need our solar installation expertise, we are here for you. You can call to check if you are within our service range if you are unsure, and we will come out for an inspection. Our inspections require no obligations, so call us anytime. You can trust our versatile and experienced team to get the job done right the first time.