That Time of the Year

Out with the old, in with the new. Most of us have heard this many times. That time has arrived. Yes, you guessed right. Spring cleaning! The feeling it gives us cannot be described. Many would agree that it helps to stay sane. Well, we’re here to inform you that your roof needs cleaning too. Your roof does not want to be neglected. “Clean me, clean me.” It’s pleading for you to show it some tender love and care.

These tips will help you preserve your roof and save money. Two for one! Can’t beat that. The effort put forth to clean your roof will pay off in the future. The sooner you spot and fix small problems, the less likely they are to expand into urgent problems. Regardless, you’ll be well equipped to participate in Spring cleaning.

Cut Those Trees

Trees can be a beautiful sight. Trees can also be annoying. Very annoying. Especially if they are interfering with roof conditions. You might want to start trimming the trees around your property if they are getting close to your roof. Make them back off. If you’re wondering why this is relevant, leaves and trees brushing against your roof for a long period of time can cause severe damage. Long term effects can be moss growth, improper drainage, and a great home to critters and wood eat insects. It’s not a pretty sight.

Clean Your Gutter System

The gutter system can be referred to as the backbone of your roof. It is a vital part that must be taken care of. If it is not treated with care, your roof can quickly deteriorate or have problems that build up over time.

While cleaning your gutters, be sure to look for any spots that are worn out or weak. Storms are more prominent during this time and clogged or weak gutters can lead to a water overflow during the Spring. Pay close attention to your gutter system. Seriously. Water overflow makes your home more susceptible to water damage. If you have been through that experience, you know how nerve-wrecking it is to deal with.

Go Ahead and Give It a Wash

Dirt, mold, and other bacteria will make their way to your roof. For some reason, they love living there. So, it doesn’t hurt to give your roof a good wash. You don’t have to go crazy with washing. A power wash and a sprinkle of mold killing chemicals can get the job done just fine. Most stores sell cleaners for excess debris, mold, dirt, and moss. You don’t have to travel far.

All That You Need

You now have the valuable tips to help you on your Spring cleaning journey. Your roof will appreciate you tremendously. So, whenever you decide to clean your home, be sure to clean your roof as well. Hopefully, these tips serve you well. Happy cleaning!