Springtree Restoration’s Re-Roofing Quality Control and Inspection

“Quality control” is a popular buzz phrase used by many companies across countless industries. In some cases, it’s just jargon. In others, there is a cultural mindset and processes and procedures within a company that back up the buzz.

At Springtree Restoration, we don’t believe in meaningless jargon. Quality control is serious business for us.

First, we work hard every day to create a company culture that values integrity, ongoing training and pride in a job well done. Every person on our team is valued, and every customer is treated as we would like to be treated if it were our home’s roof being replaced.

Second, we have a Quality Control and Inspection Process that we implement as part of every re-roofing project. Key steps are taken at the beginning, throughout and after each project is complete to manage quality control and ensure that each job is done right.

Quality Control Throughout Each Re-Roofing Project

We think it’s important that the person you worked with to inspect your property and provide you with an estimate is the same person who oversees your project through completion. That’s why the same Springtree project manager will be your point of contact throughout the process.  Additionally, Springtree has a Quality Control and Inspection Manager on staff who works closely with each project manager for every single re-roofing project to:

  • Ensure that the appropriate permits are posted
  • Inspect each home’s attic before the project begins
    • Check the A/C condenser line, to make sure it’s secure and away from the roof deck
    • Checks vent stacks
    • Check for any structural issues, like broken rafters or support purlins
    • Check attic contents (in some cases, it’s necessary to cover contents in the attic)
  • Ensure that safety rules and procedures are followed throughout the project
  • Manage the grounds during the tear-off by phase to ensure that landscaping, patio furniture, etc. are secured and protected
  • Ensure that the crews are installing every component according to code and manufacturer’s specs
  • Audit the compressors to ensure we are not over/under driving fasteners
  • Ensure that the crews are popping lines for the field and ridge shingles, so they are installed straight
  • Ensure that the property is cleaned up at the end of each day
  • Ensure that crews stay hydrated and safe throughout the project, especially on hot Texas summer days

Post-Project Quality Control and Final Roof Inspection Process

When your new roof installation is complete, what’s next? At Springtree, at the end of each re-roofing project, our team conducts a post-project inspection.

Our project manager conducts a post-project attic inspection, which includes the following:

  • Check vent pipes to ensure they are properly connected
  • Check to ensure that any large debris has been cleaned up
  • Ensure that any falling debris at the attic entrance has been cleaned up
  • Take photos of the vents

Additionally, Springtree’s Quality Control and Inspection Manager visits the property (typically within 48 hours) to conduct a final inspection, which includes the following: 

  • Roof inspection – check by climbing on the roof or from the ground with binoculars
    • Check exposed fasteners
    • Check paint, flashing and vents
    • Check felt/underlayment and drip edge installation
    • Check for scuffs, marring
    • Take elevation and after photos and put into project file
  • Attic inspection
    • Check vent pipes via the roof’s exterior to ensure they are properly connected
    • Take photos of the vents
  • Grounds inspection
    • Check to ensure that the property is clean and free of debris and nails
    • Remove leftover material (offer the homeowner a bundle of roof materials to keep)
    • Check HVAC unit, outdoor lighting, landscaping and pool (if applicable) for any debris or damages
    • Check soffit and fascia for any damages
    • Take photos of any issues
    • Call in final inspection with the city/municipality