North Texas summers can be brutal. More often than not, the temperatures reach the triple digits and sit there for months while our AC units struggle to keep up with the demand for cool air. Of course, this leads to a spike in our energy bills. It’s not uncommon for homeowners in Dallas-Fort Worth to see bills for several hundreds of dollars at least once in the summer months.

There’s not much we can do about the weather, but did you know that your roof could be costing you money? If your roof hasn’t been repaired or replaced in the past 10-15 years, it could be time for an upgrade. Shingles and insulation degrade over time, allowing air to escape through the roof. This makes your AC unit work longer and harder to keep your home cool, and your energy bills will reflect it.

At Springtree Restoration, we want to help you save money and stay comfortable all summer long. Here are some of the ways a new roof can help keep those energy bills from getting too hot to handle. 

Energy Star-Rated Shingles

“Cool roofing” is one of the newest building trends, and North Texas homeowners are on board. It takes advantage of the reflective properties of lighter-colored roofing shingles. Just like dark clothing on a hot day, dark-colored shingles absorb heat, causing them to get very hot. Then they transfer that heat into your home.

By comparison, white or light-colored shingles reflect most of the sun’s heat, keeping it away from your home. Some colors are even Energy Star-rated for their increased energy efficiency. To learn more about cool roofing solutions, give Springtree Restoration a call! We will walk you through your choices in cool roofing shingles.


Better Ventilation

Your home and attic need proper ventilation to keep heat from being trapped inside and building up to intolerable levels. When your attic gets overheated, it can cause your shingles and decking to warp, leading to further roof damage. When you get a new roof, the vents can be upgraded as well, giving your home proper airflow and preventing problems down the road. 

Improved Underlayment

Underlayment is a protective barrier beneath your roof’s shingles that keeps moisture from seeping into your attic. You can upgrade yours to a synthetic “peel and stick” variety when you get your roof replaced. Not only can an upgraded underlayment could save you money with your homeowner’s insurance, it protects your home even better by acting as a secondary moisture barrier, so the wood beneath your shingles will last longer.


Radiant Barriers

Radiant barriers act as an extra layer of reflection to keep the sun’s heating rays away from your house. What looks like a coat of silver paint on the underside of your roof is actually a powerful heat deterrent. Radiant barriers are usually installed during a roof replacement, so getting a new roof is the perfect occasion to have one added.


Call Springtree Restoration for Your Summer Roof Replacement

This summer, you have so many better things to spend your money on than inflated energy bills. There is plenty of advice to be found online for decreasing your cooling costs, including using fans and blackout shades to make things more comfortable. If the common sense steps don’t quite do the job, it’s worth considering a roof replacement. You might be surprised by all the new features, roofing shingles and energy-efficient upgrades that are now available. Call Springtree today for your free estimate in Dallas, Fort Worth, or any county in North Texas!