The “NO CONTACT” 7 Step Process During COVID-19

Springtree Restoration Texas Roofers During COVID

Storms and leaks aren’t concerned about a virus’ affecting our community but we are. We implemented the following guidelines ensure to your safety when working with Springtree Restoration. We have been designated as “Essential” because your home is important. Your and our safety is even more important!

Step 1: Personal Assessment

Personal Assessment: Most of the time after a storm involving hail and high winds the first thing we check is our car. We assume no dents or damage, no problem. Look for signs of missing shingles or damage to gutters, downspouts, and decks. Hail damage is not visible from a ground inspection so if you have had hail get an inspection from a qualified contractor first.

Step 2: COVID-19 Safe Contractor

COVID-19 Safe Contractor: Ensure that the contractor you are planning to have come out is following the “Essential Business Guidelines” to keep your family safe. All worker’s temperatures are taken daily before work. All personnel are wearing appropriate masks. They can perform an inspection that gives you instant access as the inspection is performed to photos and videos.

Step 3: “No Touch” Inspection

“No Touch” Inspection: A COVID-19 Safe and Responsible Contractor is able to perform the entire inspection without any direct interaction or contact whatsoever. Whether a visual inspection by a certified inspector on your roof or via drone keeps you and your loved ones safe. You should have instant access to the progress of the inspection via technology from the comfort of your couch.

Step 4: Damage Analysis

Damage Analysis: Make sure that the contractor isn’t just able to meet online or by phone with you. Make sure they are able to use easy techniques to share your damage report with you so you can make an educated decision on your next steps. If the damage is present the contractor should walk you step-by-step through the process to help you restore your home.

Step 5: Agreement

Agreement: Ensure the contractor you are working with can sign an e-Agreement with you and give you online access to your project as they work with you and your insurance company to come to an agreement on the scope of your damages. You should be provided with the ability to track the progress of your project virtually.

Step 6: Approval

Approval: Upon approval of the insurance company you will need a contractor who you can easily hop online with and pick the materials and colors via screen share and a “project visualizer”. Upon e-agreement for your work the contractor should keep you up to date with your project via technology and phone follow-up through to completion and satisfaction.

Step 7: Install

Install: Make sure the contractor you choose has fully explained their “No Touch” install process with you prior to work commencing. Make sure during the work process that they not only follow the COVID-19 Safe Guidelines but are able to keep you instantly up to date on the progress of your project from the safety and comfort of your couch.

Call Springtree Restoration to Schedule Your “No Contact” Inspection Today! Download this helpful PDF to Keep these Tips handy for all contact you have during the COVID-19 crisis.

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