What Does It Mean When a Roofing Contractor is a Member of the NTRCA?

What Does It Mean When a Roofing Contractor is a Member of the NTRCA? Does It Really Make Them Different than Other Roofers in North Texas?

A roofing contractor who is a member of the NTRCA really does stand apart from other roofers in North Texas!

To become a member of the NTRCA, contractor members must meet the following criteria:

  • The company must have a local address in North Texas (defined as the area south of Oklahoma, east of Abilene, west of Louisiana, and north of Waco) and must provide proof (with a utility bill that is no less than 3 months old or a lease agreement that is current).
  • The company must be a registered business with the state of the Texas or with a county in North Texas.
  • The company must be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). If listed with the BBB, the company must have a B rating or above.
  • The company must represent and warrant that they hold and will maintain General Liability Insurance (consumers: please ask to see a roofer’s certificate of insurance and call their insurance company to verify)
  • If the State of Texas enacts a licensing requirement, the company must acknowledge that they understand that membership in NTRCA requires that the company comply with licensing requirements in accordance with state guidelines.
  • The company must agree to abide by the NTRCA Code of Ethics.
  • The company must provide recommendations for membership from 2 current members: 1) a current NTRCA associate member and 2) a current NTRCA contractor member.
  • To attain the status of ACCREDITED NTRCA contractor member, companies meet the following ADDITIONAL requirements:
    • The company must have been in the roofing business for at least 2 years.
    • The business operations manager or his designee at the company must have attended 2 NTRCA mentoring sessions and 2 NTRCA Lunch and Learns or 2 mentoring sessions and one NTRCA-approved training session.
    • The company must have been an active member of the NTRCA (and in good standing) for at least 12 months prior.
    • The company, if listed on the BBB, must maintain an A rating.

We believe that every company and industry should have standards and everyone should be held accountable to take care of their customers and do a good honest job. And this is just another way Springtree Restoration is Redefining Restoration and setting our own standards!

(Some of this information credited by NTRCA.com website.)

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