What Earth Day and Your Roof Have in Common

Earth Day: Why is it valued?

Earth day is an important day for us to embrace. The movement of environmental protection is an authentic display of what we value. And, guess what? It creates avenues for us as homeowners and professional roofers to be cognizant of the actions that we take on a daily basis that may hurt or harm our environment. More so, ourselves. So, why is Earth Day significant? Glad that you asked.

It will always be important for us to cherish our environment and make positive decisions to bring quality life. Roofing issues can go hand and hand with this familiar topic. Many of us have experienced issues from mother nature and other forces that have lead us to seek professional help or simply do it ourselves (which often goes in the wrong direction, by the way). Just like environmental damage, roof trouble is prevalent. Therefore, we must value our roofs just as much as we value Earth Day, because we all would like solid cover in the beautiful place that we call home.

Roofing: A Few FAQ’s

Where do we begin? There are a plethora of questions that we may have when it comes to replacing or repairing a roof. A major concern for both homeowners and professionals is catching issues in the early stages to prevent further damages or complications. Both in which, can result in being displaced from your home or excessive money spent.

How much will it cost me to replace my roof?

Answer: There are several factors that are considered when estimating the cost of your roof. Firsthand, the quality of the services and the professional presence of the contractor performing the services is important. Several other factors that are considered are size of the roof, grade of roofing, and damage done.

What is the best way to fix a roof leak?

Answer: The best way to fix a leak is to have a professional take care of it. As mentioned, there may be other problems that arise if you decide to do it yourself. Most times, professionals can fix the issue with hours (days at max) and prevent you from spending more money than you have to.

 How often should I check my roof for any damage(s)?

Answer: This may vary. A large number of homeowners only check their roof when there is an issue or a major storm happens. But, you should check your roof at least once year to prevent any long term issues from arising. But, let’s be honest. Who really checks their roof? That’s a scary thought for many homeowners. That’s why professional services are the best route to have your roof inspected. And, many of them do this for free. Yes, for free!

Research: How it can save you time and money?

Most roofing issues are minor. But, you should be warned. There are a lot of situations when a roof has to be replaced under difficult circumstances in brutal environments. This is why research is at the forefront of not only understanding what a roof consists of but, also how to approach a given situation that you may not be familiar with. A common act is that homeowners attempt to handle everything themselves and end up being unsatisfied with the results.

Even with years of experience, professionals have to research on a weekly basis. No one knows EVERYTHING about roofing. Right? Sometimes, it can be very overwhelming to understand the repair/replacement process of roofing. Before you even decide to take action, please do the necessary research to better understand the severity and timeline of taking care of the issue in front of you. “If it’s not one thing, it’s another.” This is often the case when we don’t do our research and attempt to fix something we have no experience with. 

Research, research, research. Roofing can be very complicated to comprehend! We don’t want your time and money to suffer during this process. You might experience having to replace, repair, or reconstruct your roof. Lesson is be prepared.

Problem Solved: Don’t Wait

You have many professionals services to choose from no matter what area you’re in. The best advice would be to call around to see who has experience, is feasible for your budget, and licensed. Checking social media platforms, newspapers, and local phone listings will assist you in the process of searching different locations and availability of roofers.

There’s no need to search around too much, call Springtree! It just takes one phone call and we’re there to help solve your problem. The longer you wait, the worse your roof may become. The quicker you give us a call, the faster we can fix your problem (ultimately, saving you more trouble). But most importantly, don’t forget to take care of your roof like you take care of the Earth.